The Madonna Pain Scale Chart™

To say that self-reporting pain scales are a little tricky would be an understatement. They aren't standardized, they don't work for chronic pain, and communication barriers prove to be a true obstacle in assessing pain levels. Self-reporting pain scale charts also doesn't work for emotional wounds. Which is why I'd like to introduce The Madonna Pain … Continue reading The Madonna Pain Scale Chart™


In Pictures: Sitting “Underneath the Bridge” in Aberdeen, Washington

Yesterday, after six years of asking, I convinced my Mum to detour to Aberdeen, Washington so I could sit “underneath the bridge” and pay my respects to Kurt Cobain. It was dirty, vulgar, sad, very punk rock, entirely homegrown, and filled with nothing but love... just the way, imagine, Kurt would have liked it. You see, … Continue reading In Pictures: Sitting “Underneath the Bridge” in Aberdeen, Washington

Regarding Independence Day and “National Anthem”

It is the fourth of July, and every year for the past five years, I have posted the music video to Lana Del Rey's National Anthem on my Facebook. This year, despite everything, the tradition continues. I used to post it because "red, white, blue in the sky / Summer's in the air, and … Continue reading Regarding Independence Day and “National Anthem”

A Formal Apology to the Literature I Refused to Learn From

Dear literature I refused to learn from, You were written with the intent of teaching me valuable lessons, and I haven't learned anything. It isn't because I haven't ruminated on your messages. In fact, I think it's all I do day in and day out. It must be simply because I'm stubborn. In short, your themes … Continue reading A Formal Apology to the Literature I Refused to Learn From

Why I Love the Addams Family, but Hate The Addams Family Musical

If there are two things in pop culture I love, it's the Addams Family and musicals. Therefore, it would only make sense for me to love The Addams Family, the musical, right? Well... no. I really want to like this show, I really do, but I also feel like the very plot undermines what makes the … Continue reading Why I Love the Addams Family, but Hate The Addams Family Musical

Writing About Writing: On “Starting Small”

Writing about writing is difficult. It is a kind of self-expression and examination that leaves one feeling vulnerable and simple. When I think about the characters and worlds I've created, journeys I've mentally traversed, and joys I've brought to people through my writing, then realize that all I've really done is put words to paper, … Continue reading Writing About Writing: On “Starting Small”

Wanted, Wanted: Dolores Haze

She's young, that much is certain. Lolita is eternally somewhere between the age of 12 and 17. She's precocious, but worse, she's also persistent. She wears heart-shaped sunglasses and licks heart-shaped lollipops. And popular opinion seems to be that she deserved everything that was "coming to her". For me, Vladimir Nabokov's 1955 novel Lolita was love … Continue reading Wanted, Wanted: Dolores Haze